Project 4-4
Theme 4

Assessing and planning for the socio-economic effects of floods


Dr. Nikolaos Yiannakoulias (McMaster University)


Dr. John Eyles (McMaster University)

Dr. Marguerite Xenopoulos (Trent University)

Dr. Amin Elshorbagy (University of Saskatchewan)

Objectives: This project will develop a framework for generating holistic flood vulnerability indicators that account for socio-economic effects of floods.

Significance: Existing flood vulnerability indices in Canada do not account for the socio-economic impact of floods. This project will fill that gap by introducing a framework for estimating flood vulnerability indices that account for the socio-economic impacts of floods.

Outcomes: We will determine the costs and benefits of flooding and living in flood-prone areas to develop flood vulnerability indicators and a scale of severity. This information will be useful to decision makers, private home owners and insurance companies.