Project 4-3
Theme 4

Flood Risk analysis and its utility for management decisions


Dr. Amin Elshorbagy (University of Saskatchewan)


Dr. Paulin Coulibaly (McMaster University)

Dr. John Eyles (McMaster University)

Dr. Nikolaos Yiannakoulias (McMaster University)

Objectives: The objectives of this project are to: i) develop a systematic approach for analyzing and quantifying flood risk, along with its uncertainty; and ii) assess the utility of flood risk quantification for management and planning decisions.

Significance:  Various flood risk indicators have been developed without indication of the associated level of uncertainty. The focus of this project is to fill that gap by proposing a systematic approach for quantifying flood risk along with the associated uncertainty. This is particularly important for decision making based on flood risk indicators.

Outcomes: The research will produce a systematic approach for developing risk indicators with uncertainty estimates that water resources and disaster managers can use for decision making. The indices will allow for quantifying the value of improving and investing in various aspects of modelling, monitoring, and damage mitigation measures.