Project 1-6
Theme 1

Development of new flood estimation manual for Canada


Dr. Peter Rasmussen (University of Manitoba)


Dr. Donald Burn (University of Waterloo)

Dr. Fahim Ashkar (Université de Moncton)

Objective: Produce a manual and statistical tools for flood frequency analysis in Canada. The scope of the project will be limited to probability-based methods and will not consider probable maximum flood estimation.

Significance of research: Guidelines for flood frequency analysis will be an asset for practitioners, but must be based on a rigorous evaluation of candidate methods. While there is extensive literature on specific components of frequency analysis, the present research will consider the entire range of elements that must be considered in practice and will be tailored specifically to Canadian conditions.

Outcomes: A manual with suggested best practices for flood frequency analysis and statistical tools that implement key procedures from the methodology will be developed and made available to practitioners.