Project 1-5
Theme 1

Spatial changes to flood prone areas in urban environments


Dr. Andrew Binns (University of Western Ontario)


Dr. Yiping Guo (McMaster University)

Dr. Amaury Tilmant (Université Laval)

Objectives: To predict spatial changes to flood prone areas in urban environments as a result of changing environmental and hydrological factors.

Significance: This project will lead to a greater understanding of the relationship between flooding and land-use in urban environments. Results from this research will provide improved guidance for future urban development with the goal of protecting existing infrastructure and reducing the economic loss associated with flooding.  Results will also assist in the planning and development of flood mitigation measures, including more effective stormwater management measures.

Outcomes: The outcomes from this project will include: i) updated urban development guidelines to minimize risk of flooding; ii) an evaluation of the effectiveness of various stormwater management (SWM) features; iii) recommendations for retrofit SWM features for Canadian cities; and iv) hydraulic engineering guidelines for more flood resilient waterway modification in urban environments.