Project 1-4
Theme 1

Development of new methods for updated IDF curves in Canada


Dr. Van-Thanh-Van Nguyen (McGill University)


Dr. Yiping Guo (McMaster University)

Dr. Thian Gan (University of Alberta)

Dr. Amin Elshorbagy (University of Saskatchewan)

Objectives: Evaluate climate change impact on Intensity‐Duration‐Frequency (IDF) curves of selected Canadian cities and develop new regional IDF curves for selected cities of Canada.

Significance:  Climate change could modify the extreme events that form the basis for the existing IDF curves of various Canadian cities, which means that the municipal infrastructure designed based on current IDF curves could suffer from under-design problems resulting in compromised public safety.

Outcomes:  (i) New regional and at-site IDF curves for selected sites in Canada developed from statistical and dynamical downscaling of climate change scenarios; and (ii) Guidelines for updating IDF curves in Canada. There is an urgent need to update IDF curves in Canada as the IDF curves for most locations in Canada do not reflect the most recently available data and do not account for the impacts of climate change.  The proposed guidelines will provide direction to municipalities, conservation authorities and other users of IDF curves to enable the updating of IDF curves in a timely manner using appropriate procedures.