Project 1-1
Theme 1

Update of current flood and storm quantiles


Dr. Donald H. Burn (University of Waterloo)


Dr. Fahim Ashkar (Université de Moncton)

Dr. Peter Rasmussen (University of Manitoba)

Objective: Characterize the current flood and extreme precipitation regimes for selected locations across Canada and provide updated estimates for extreme event frequency curves.

Significance:  Extreme events cause considerable damage to Canadian infrastructure and result in property damages as well as loss of life.  It is hence essential that we are able to accurately estimate the probability of exceedance of extreme events to design appropriate infrastructure to protect humans and property from the impacts of extreme events.  

Outcomes:  The outcomes from this project will include updated estimates for flood and extreme rainfall quantiles for many locations across Canada as well as a unified procedure for applying frequency analysis that reflects the diversity of hydrologic and meteorological conditions in Canada.